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We don't sell or share your information with anyone except the festivals you select!

We can use the materials you submit to us to promote your band and our services. We occasionally showcase bands that use our service, and may use your images, bios, press kits and other materials that you submit and/or we create to promote our site.

We guarantee to submit a Press-Quality Electronic Press Kit to the festivals you select during their next submission period, or refund your money on a prorated basis! If your submission to a festival is returned as undeliverable, we will either re-submit your press kit after updating their informaation, submit it to another festival that you select, or refund the portion of your payment for that festival.

Our fees are not refundable unless your submission is rejected by our staff.

We reserve the right to reject any submissions that contain content our staff feels is obscene, of a sexual nature or objectional, like hate speech or defamatory or libelous content.

We reserve the right to remove any content that another party claims is their copyrighted material and that you are using it without permission. We notify you of the "take-down", and will save a copy which we will restore if you can show you have permission to use the content.