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Press-Quality Electronic Press Kits™

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What do you mean by "Press-Quality" Electronic Press Kits?
The majority of the thousands of electronic press kits we have received simply don't meet our needs. The image files are all too often barely large enough for use on a web site, and far too small for use at 300 DPI for posters, print advertising and video ads. Our press kits are different. We make sure your images are of sufficient resolution for use in all media. We also allow you to submit your music in lossless format or hi-quality MP3 files instead of the usual low-end MP3 that sounds like you're listening to a transistor radio from the sixties. And most importantly of all, our editors review your submissions for errors, as well as making suggestions to avoid our "Dreaded Phrase List".

What is the "Dreaded Phrase List"?
We've read thousands of band bios over the years, and have talked with enough fellow festival producers and talent buyers to know that certain phrases are an almost automatic "Kiss of Death" for bands trying to get on their lineups. Want to get a gig at a blues festival? Don't use the word "bluesey". And to many talent buyers, "...shared the stage with..." usually means you were the local opening act that played to an empty field at a festival that had a big name headliner. Instead, we let the festivals know why you revere The Blues, and that you not only opened for a huge headliner, they invited you back on stage as part of their set, and then asked you to open their tour for the next three stops.

Where do you get your festival lists?
We've been creating online databases since 1999, and have been collecting festival, club and special event listings since 2001.

Do you offer a free trial?
While you can register for free, we spend too much time developing your press kit to offer it for free. We will, however, let you check out the hundreds of festivals for free just by registering. Once you see our listings, we are pretty sure you will realize there is no way you can gather the data, build a press kit and then try to manually submit it to all the festivals for even ten times what we are asking.

How competitive are you?
Very. Even though we offer far more than other EPK sites, our cost is very competitive. For example, some sites let you "Start for Free", but then charge $9.99 a month to host an Electronic Press Kit. Your music has to be in MP3 format, and even if you upload a huge high-resolution photo file, your photos are then "shared" at such a low resolution they are unfit for print use. Then we make it easy to select and submit your Press-Quality Press Kit to hundreds of festivals.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee that we will develop a press-quality electronic press kit and submit it to the festivals you select from our database of festivals. We don't, however, guarantee that you'll get selected to perform!