Our Story

Musicians First

First and foremost, we're musicians too. We understand what your band needs — well-attended gigs that not only advance your career and add to your fan base, but also pay enough to not only cover the bar tab, but to earn a living and set aside enough to retire some day. And the best gigs to meet those needs are festivals.

We're also active in the festival world, helping produce them for decades. From small community concerts to huge multi-stage festivals, we've presented a virtual "Who's Who" of the music world as well as up and coming musicians and bands. We know what most festival talent buyers need — great bands that not only entertain their audiences, but bands that can provide proper press kits and promotional materials that the promoter can use to market their festival and sell more tickets.

After years in the Fortune 50 corporate marketing world, our founder started one of the first website companies to specialize in web-based data applications. As part of their commitment to their community, the company donated web sites to area non-profit organizations, including two major music festivals, the award-winning Kansas City Blues & Jazz Festival and SpiritFest, a multi-stage, multi-genre festival. Since moving from Kansas City, he has continued producing festivals, one with 15 years under his helm, and a festival he started from scratch just celebrated its tenth year! And he still develops some pretty cool web sites... like this one!

Why do we say musicians first? Not only is our founder a great marketer and web guru, he's a musician who has toured Europe and America, and has played main stages at prestigious festivals like Waterfront, Bangor, Lucerne and the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise! He's not only "walked a mile in your shoes", he has spent up to nine months straight on the road!

Finally, we're pretty good people. All of our staff donates time and money to numerous good causes, including producing an all-volunteer-staffed festival as a fund-raiser for Turpentine Creek, a wildlife refuge near our home town. It's our tenth year as the producing sponsor!