Press-Quality Electronic Press Kits™!

No more low-resolution press kits that scream "AMATUER!" to most festival talent buyers! We build professional hi-resolution press kits and submit them to festivals around the world.

985 Festivals!

We've been developing our festival database for over 20 years. It includes festivals of all kinds that feature all types of music. We are constantly updating the database, confirming existing festival data and adding festivals as we find them, or removing them if they stop running. So far this year, we have updated 812 festivals.


While you can sign up for free, we're up front that we charge $199.99 to create your press kit AND distribute it electronically to up to 100 festivals you select from our extensive festival database. Additional festival submissions are as little as $0.49 each in quantity!
For a limited time, $199.99 gets you our Ultimate submission package... We'll submit your act to EVERY festival in our database that accepts EPKs!

True Press-Quality Promo Photos

We submit hi-resolution photos and one-sheets that festivals can use to properly promote your appearance! No more complaints about online EPK pictures that are way too small for print!

CD Quality Music Samples

We don't scrimp when it comes to your music. You are selling your music, after all! You can upload sample music tracks in lossless or MP3 formats - your choice!

We Help You Build Your Press Kit

We know the building blocks needed to create a professional press kit. We review your bio and make suggestions based on decades of festival booking experience. We know the phrases that turn off booking pros, as well as what they need to know to decide if they want to make an offer!

Old School Kits? Not A Problem!

We still print and submit hard-copy photo-quality press kits to festivals that require them, all for a very reasonable additional fee. We can even air-mail hard-copy kits to overseas festivals that require them!

Video Too!

If a picture is worth a thousand words... Our kits include links to your best online videos! No video? No problem! We can create one for you for a very reasonable fee.

Get Ready...

Gather your materials. The list might seem pretty daunting at first, but once you can fulfill our specifications you have just put your band far ahead of the competition! This is the hardest part, frankly, but don't short change this step. The better the pictures, music samples and video links you send us, the better press kit we can create and submit for you.

Get Set...

Submit your information and files to us, along with your payment. Our easy to use forms guide you step by step in creating a professional, press-quality press kit.


We take care of the rest! We confirm your submission via Email, then create and send a proof copy of your press kit. You can edit your kit at any time using our online forms, and submit to as many or as few festivals as your budget permits!

Additional Services

In addition to creating and submitting Press-Quality Electronic Press Kits™, we also offer services like mailing hard-copy press kits and submitting your music for music review and airplay consideration.